Blood Tests

Blood Tests (Phlebotomy)

There are lots of reasons why you might need blood tests and consequently there are lots of people needing them. Now there are two ways to get blood tests:

Outreach Phlebotomy Service

This should be the preferred option as it has more capacity than other routes. To access the service you need to telephone the booking desk on (01782) 674242. between 9:00AM and 5:00PM. They will arrange a time and place suitable for you. The venues include clinics in Hanley, Bentilee, Meir, Longton, Fenton and Stoke to mention a few.

Practice Phlebotomy Clinics

The phlebotomy clinic at Moorcroft Medical Centre  is run by phlebotomists from the path lab and consequently appointments are limited.

Our practice nurses do not provide a routine phlebotomy service. However, if your circumstances make it difficult for you to attend one of the phlebotomy clinics, please speak to our reception staff who will be able to help you.