Clinical Education

Clinical Education

We are involved in various stages of medical training as well as some nurse training which falls into three broad categories:


These are medical students who have not yet qualified. they are mainly 3rd, 4th, and 5th year students. Often they wiil be sitting with various GP's. You would be advised that a student may be present during the consultation. If you do not wish a student to be present, please let receeption know and the GP will see you on your own. The other situation where you may meet a student is during home visits. The GP may phone you to ask if the students could come to visit you at home about your medical condition and possibly examine you if appropriate. Any involvment is voluntary and nobody minds if you decline to take part in their training.

Specialist training - GP Registrars

These are fully qualified doctors who have already completed their training in a number of specialities, but whose chosen career path is in general practice - in other words they are going to be GP's. We have registrars working at both Moorcroft and Moss Green surgeries and like our own doctors, they have surgeries and do home visits. Their attachment with the practice can last between four months and one year, before moving on to new practices.

One important aspect that you should be aware of is that registrars are required to video some of their consultations for training purposes. If this has been arranged for the clinic that you are attending, the the receptionist will advise you of this at the time of booking. If you do not want your consultation to be recorded, please let reception know and they will inform the doctor. There is no obligation to help with video consultations.


Nurse training is an important part of our clinical education programme. We often have nurses or nursing students in with one of our team.  We also offer mentoring for Nurses who are training to become Nurse Practitioners.

Our District Nursing can sometimes also have nursing students.