Practice Charter

Our Practice Charter

Modern healthcare aims to provide the best service possible with the resources made available to the NHS. The success of modern health care, including chronic disease management and prevention, relies heavily on a partnership being forged between the practice and its patients.

Our Practice Charter maps out the standards that we will strive to acheive and also the responsibilities and the conduct expected of our patients.

We will ensure that our premises will be as well equipped, clean, and pleasant as possible,

We ask you to respect our surgery and equipment.

Every patient has the right to privacy and confidentiality. If you wish to speak privately, please let our receptionist team know as we can make a room available.

We ask you to be aware that under the Data Protection Act we cannot disclose your information to other people, including relatives and solicitors, without your written permission.

We aim to provide an efficient surgery system. We use a lot of surgery resources providing clinics which aims to support the needs of our patients.