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Appointments during Covid-19

Telephone and video consultations

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Without a doubt, Covid-19 changed and is continuing to change, the way in which many organisations work and General Practice is no exception. As part of the NHS response to the pandemic, we were able to quickly access and use pieces of technology which meant that we could continue to provide a high level of care to all of our patients.

 We realised that telephone consultations can sometimes be as good as a face to face consultation and feedback from patients is that they often prefer not having to come to surgery if they feel that their problem can be dealt with by other means. We have the facility for patients to be able to send photographs to us. This is really useful in diagnosing conditions such as skin complaints and even tonsillitis. We are also able to perform video consultations too which means that we are actually able to see the patient even though we are not in the same room. All of these are performed securely over our computer system which is directly linked to your medical records.

Of course, like every other practice in the UK, we were and still are open and face to face appointments are offered to all patients who need to be seen in person.