Having problems?

If you are experiencing problems with the services offered by our practice, our management

team are happy to discuss your concerns with you informally.

We also operate a practice complaints procedure and our management team can help

 take the process forward.

Making Complaints Outside the Practice Complaints Procedure:


 Accessing Independent Advice?

If patients prefer not to use the practice complaints procedure or feel that they need

independent advice, they can contact:


  • The Independent Complaints Advocacy Service (ICAS) on 0845 337 3054

  • Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) on 0800 030 4563

  • TEXT 07841 254893

  • e-mail:


Making a complaint to the practice will not prejudice a patient’s right to complain to NHS

England North Midlands Complaints Service.


Complainants can forward their complaint directly to NHS England who can undertake the

complaint investigation themselves or, depending on the nature of the complaint, may refer

the complaint to the practice (with the patient’s consent).


NHS England is obliged to notify the practice of the details of the complaint (with the

patient’s consent).


Patients Preferring to send complaints directly to NHS England:


Customer Contact Centre

NHS England

PO Box 16738


B97 9PT


Tel: 0300 311 22 33



Patients also have the option of contacting the:


Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

Millbank Tower





Tel: 0345 105 4033